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script: rootkitwr (download)
purpose: chkrootkit wrapper; designed to run at regular intervals
requires: chkrootkit, GNU: grep, mail, xmessage
version: 1.0
usage: rootkitwr [-hml]
     -h usage and options (help)
     -m manual
     -l list the script"



    rootkitwr is a simple chkrootkit wrapper designed to run at regular intervals as
    a cronjob or at boot time. Chkrootkit is a tool designed to detect rootkits
    on Unix systems. It can be downloaded from www.chkrootkit.org. This wrapper
    sends alert mail to a specified user and displays a security alert message 
    if a rootkit has been found.
    Before running the script, edit the User defined variables section at the 
    beginning of the script. 

    To improve security, all tools (grep, mail, chkrootkit..) and the script 
    itself should be put on a media that can be write protected like a 
    floppy. This will make tampering with the script and the tools 
    it uses impossible - unless physicall access is gained. Make sure that the
    tools you will put on the media have not been compromised already. Get them
    from a safe source like your install CD or a trusted site.


    This script must be run as root.