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    Softpanorama - excellent site about computer science and programming.
    OSdata - Operating System Technical Comparison, a very interesting site.
    RFC editor - RFC database.
    GPG - open source replacement for PGP.
    Unix Philosophy - what makes Unix so successful.
    Unix Guru Universe - one of the best sites on Unix system administration.
    TLDP - the linux documentation project. Many very useful linux docs.
    Slackware - my favorite linux distro. Stable, reliable and flexible (and bloat free).
    Shelldorado - the best resource on Unix shell scripting on the net.
    NIST CSRC - excellent security guides.
    SecurityFocus - a large site on everything computer security related.
    SecLists - archives of some of the best security mailing lists.
    Cryptogram - Bruce Schneier's popular cryptography/security newsletter.
    Packetstorm Security - a very well organized site of up-to-date and historical security tools, exploits, and advisories.
Demo scene
    scene.org - the biggest demo scene archive.
    Pouet.net - demo scene online community.
    A.D.A. - Amiga Demoscene Archive.
    Gfxzone - the ultimate demo scene graphics site.
    Nectarine - demo scene music radio station.
    Exotica - classic Amiga music, games, nostalgia and more.
    Back2Roots - Amiga Culture Directory Project.
    Lemon - classic Amiga games community and nostalgia.

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