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  Bits about myself

I'm a freelance artist who enjoys writing small to medium size programs. Although my main computer interest is in programming, I also dabble with security, networking, and system administration.

I became fascinated with computers during my teens back in the mid 1980's. It all started with the mysterious powers of the Commodore 64. How could it be that after typing long enigmatic codes into it, it would display a program? Magic of the highest order!! Although I spent lots of time playing games on it, I also learned to program in BASIC and wrote several programs. Later I got an Amiga 500 and started collecting demos and games which I still enjoy to this day. Those demos and games had an enormous impact on me due to their fantastic graphics and music. I would not be doing what I do today if it wasn't for those Amiga productions.

Since 1998 my favorite computing environment has been Linux, a variant of the Unix operating system. Linux's high configurability, open nature, and the rich command shell environment results in much freedom which increases my productivity in many respects. I can configure the system in great detail to make it a fast and very comfortable operating environment. Finally, Linux teaches how to do things the Unix way, which I found to be the most rewarding and educational experience that no other operating system has given me.

Most of my programming is done in the Bash shell (and awk, sed, grep, etc). I also write in Perl if needed, and occasionally in Java. I'm a fan of the Unix Philosophy, the worse is better approach to programming, and the KISS principle. I'm a frugal computer user and like to maximize computer lifetime through the use of smaller, efficient programs and proper configuration. I don't need many Mhz to be happy, as that gives me a good feel for how things work and lowers my impact on the environment.

My hardware

In a true geek fashion, here is a list of my computing hardware in current use (as of 2008-03-14):

HOST....: main.eon.net
HARDWARE: 800Mhz AMD Duron, 512Mb RAM, 20GB HD, 40GB HD
OS......: Linux 2.4.33 (Slackware 9.1)
MAIN USE: programming, webmaster, research, etc

HOST....: gfx.eon.net
HARDWARE: 2Ghz AMD Athlon, 2Gb RAM, 160GB HD
OS......: WinXP
MAIN USE: art making, win compatibility testing, researching games

HOST....: amiga.eon.net
HARDWARE: Amiga 4000 (30Mhz MC68030, 16MB RAM, 540MB HD)
OS......: Amiga OS 3.1
MAIN USE: researching games, watching demos

HOST....: mango.eon.net
HARDWARE: 200Mhz Pentium MMX, 64MB RAM, 30GB HD
OS......: usually Linux/Unix of some sort
MAIN USE: security and network testing

HOST....: (not connected to the network)
HARDWARE: Amiga 500 (7.09 MHz MC68000, 1MB RAM)
OS......: Amiga OS 1.3
MAIN USE: researching games, watching demos

Unix is not a "A-ha" experience, it is more of a "holy-shit" experience. -- Colin McFadyen on alt.folklore.computers