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script: htmloptim (download)
purpose: optimize html file by reducing its size
requires: standard GNU commands, file
version: 1.2
usage: htmloptim [-vhlrdospbtm] [-c <n>] <file> [file...]
     -r, replace the input file, default output is stdo
     -d, convert DOS to Unix endline (remove CR)
     -t, remove empty space between > and < (end and begin tag indicators)
     -o, put all html content on one line (remove LF)
     -s, remove leading spaces and tabs
     -p, remove trailing spaces and tabs
     -b, remove blank lines and lines containing only spaces or tabs
     -c <n>, compact text, fold text at line <n> width
     -v, verbose
     -m, manual
     -h, usage and options (help)
     -l, see this script"


    htmloptim reduces the size of html file by optimizing its content. This is 
    done by removing unnecessary characters like spaces, tabs, line feeds or
    blank lines. 

    If the -r option is used, the optimized version will replace the original
    only if it is smaller. 

    Files with <pre> <listing> <plaintext> and <xmp> tags are skipped.
    To unoptimize a file, or to make it easily readable, use the tidy tool: