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script: monproc (download)
purpose: monitor processies; print when specified processies are or not running
requires: standard GNU commands
version: 1.1
usage: monproc [-hml] -t <n>s|m|h|d
    -t <n>s|m|h|d, n is an integer referring to time interval in
                seconds|minutes|hours|days which refers to the frequency of how
                often to check the running processies
    -h, usage and options (this help)
    -m, manual
    -l, see this script"


    monproc is a simple process monitor. It prints to stdo when specified
    processies that should run are not running, and/or when specified processies
    that should not run are running. The script depends on the output produced
    by the "ps -ax" command.

    To specify which processies to monitor add names of the processies in the
    "user defined variables" section at the beginning of this script. Use
    whole output from the "ps -ax" COMMAND column, including the spaces. If
    spaces are present, the variable value must be double quoted. Example:

    run[0]="/usr/sbin/klogd -c 3 -x"