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script: html2txt (download)
purpose: convert html file to ascii text; write the converted file to disk
requires: standard GNU commands, lynx
version: 1.1
usage: html2txt [-vhmlr] <file> [file...]
     -r, remove input file after conversion
     -v, verbose
     -h, usage and options (help)
     -m, manual
     -l, see this script"


    html2txt converts ascii files with html content to plain text. It replaces the
    previous suffix, if any, with a "txt" suffix. It skips the following files:

    - binary files
    - directories
    - files that already have the same name as <input_file>.txt

    Option -r, removes the input file after conversion.


    Use find with xargs to run the script recursively on multiple files. For
    example, to convert all html files to text recursively:

    find . -name "*.html" | xargs html2txt