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script: cpfound (download)
purpose: recursively find files and copy to a specified dir
requires: standard GNU commands
version: 1.2
usage: cpfound [-vhl] [-i <input_dir>] -o <output_dir> -p "<pattern>" -s +|-<n>
     -i, <input_dir>, path to where to look for files. Only needed if current
         dir is not used as input dir.
     -o, <output_dir>, path to where to copy the found files. In case files with
         same filenames are found, all copied files have a \"_<n>\" appended
         incrementally to the prefix where n starts at 1.
     -s, +|-<n>, file size in bytes; +n for greater then n; -n for less then n;
         n for exactly n.
     -p, \"<pattern>\", search file pattern as accepted by find's -name option; no
         case distinction is made.
     -v, verbose
     -h, usage and options (this help)
     -l, see this script"